Meditate with nature for more joy, love and gratitude

Calm your mind, heal your heart, change your life

We all want to be happy rather than dissatisfied, overwhelmed and stressed. Research shows how necessary and beneficial nature is for us, both for our physical as well as our mental and spiritual well-being. 
That is why Joy Blossom draws on proven practices from various wisdom traditions supported by findings from neuroscience and positive psychology to connect you with nature’s healing powers and guide you on your journey to being your best self.

Grow gratitude, relax into love, radiate joy

Enjoy daily tasks and build beneficial behaviours 
Joy Blossom’s exercises are fashioned to fit into your daily routines, so gratitude, kindness and connection easily flow into your way of being in the world. Comprehensive courses further guide you to deepen your experience and strengthen new habits.

Help the environment one meditation at a time 
With Joy Blossom, every meditation positively impacts our planet as money goes to your environmental project for each mindful minute, so that your journey to joy plants trees, restores bio-diversity and helps heal nature.

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Get tailored advice on how to progress in your meditation practice with one-on-one sessions

When learning a new skill, individualised guidance can really make a difference for clarifying doubts, getting additional advice and keeping your motivation high. That is why we offer individual consultations, so you can get the most out of your practice. 

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Our Vision, Mission and More

Together create a world in which we all live in joy and harmony on our precious planet.
Empower people to live in joy and spread well-being throughout the world.
Joy Blossom puts enjoyment and appreciation of yourself, your life and our natural world at the centre of your practice. While most meditation apps focus on mindfulness, we make building a sense of appreciation and care the primary focus, giving you a sense of joy from the start that will change the way your view life and keep you motivated for more.
To amplify the effect of your practice, money goes to your environmental charities for every mindful minute you log. So, taking care of yourself contributes to the well-being of our planet.
Formed in 2020, Joy Blossom is carefully designed to grow joy, connection and well-being by reconnecting us with nature. The founder stems from a family of committed meditators, deep thinkers and passionate nature-lovers. Feeling called to immerse herself in meditation and other practices early on in life, she realised that, as everything is interconnected, true joy is based on loving and living in harmony with all that is. Her aim in creating Joy Blossom is to share the journey to a more joyful, fulfilling life, so you can leverage your power and creativity. And together we can change the world.

"True joy results when we become aware of our connectedness to everything."

Paul Pearsall, Neuropsychologist (1942-2007)